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December 2008 - The New Brunswick Anglican

Homecoming Sunday in Parish of Prince William a wonderful success


It’s wonderful to see old friends whether it is at a family reunion, at Come Home Week festivities in our community or even just a chance meeting at the mall. Such was the feeling recently for both past and present members of the Parish of Prince William.

On Sunday, September 28, the parish held a “Homecoming Sunday” at St. Clement’s in Dumfries. This service had been planned for several months during which members of the congregation were encouraged to contact family, friends and former members of the parish who had moved away or who just were lapsed attendees. The result was more than double attendance on that day. 

Everyone was delighted to renew acquaintances including that of a former rector, Fr. Bob Barry and his wife Margureite. Fr. Bob delivered the sermon.

As is usual in this parish, a lunch was served following the service, but for this occasion the members outdid themselves and presented a grand buffet as a welcome to the guests. It gave everyone a great opportunity to catch up on news, renew friendships, meet new people and get one of Marguerite Barry’s warm hugs.

Such an event reminds us that we are, indeed, a family. With such wonderful comments from the congregation it was felt that perhaps this might become an annual event.

God bless this Parish! 

Joel O'Kane,
Dec 12, 2011, 6:37 PM