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Epiphany 3

I have said many times before that this is my favourite week of the year outside of Christmas and Easter.
The reason for this is that Monday (January 25) is the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul. Paul, or Saul
as he was known before his conversion, consented to the killing of Saint Stephen, stood guard over the
coats of those who stoned him to death. After this event Saul set out to destroy the young Church under
the authority of the Jewish authorities. On the road to Damascus the Christ appears to him and he is
converted to the greatest defender of Christianity and given by Christ the new name of Paul. Paul
becomes to driving force to Church expansion. The Church grows and prospers as a result of his new
found faith. He dies a martyr’s death at Rome. As a result of his work the Church was forever changed
from a local Jewish sect to a world religion.
January 26 marks the feast of that saintly Bishop Polycarp. He died a Martyr’s at the age of 86. His death
marked the end of a long life. He tells his pagan judges that he has been a Christian for all of his 86 years
and that when he was asked to declare that the Emperor was a god he said that he could not do such a
thing. He could not deny the Christ who he had served all his life.
Polycarp is one of those early Christians who is referred to as an “Apostolic Man.” This means that is is
one of those who knew the Apostles and traveled with them. He was an intimate of Saint John and as a
small child played around St John’s feet.
On the 27 of January we keep the Feast of St John Chrysostom who was given the name Chrysostom
which means “golden throat” because of his eloquence when he delivered his sermons. He was made
Bishop of Constantinople and immediately began to call upon the Christians of the city to mend their
ways and begin to live moral lives in keeping with the principles of the Christian Church. It is said that
the great Church of Saint Sophia was full so that the people of the City could hear his sermons aind then
they would go to the clubs after the service in spite what they had heard. He soon ran into trouble with
the Empress because of her immoral life. He was removed from his position of Bishop of the city and
died in exile in spite of appeals to the Emperor from all over the Known world.
On January 30 we keep the Feast of King Charles Stuart who defended the Church against the Puritans.
He attempted to bring the Church of England back to the teaching of the Catholic Church, but he faced
great resistance from many. He was executed by order of Oliver Cromwell and England became a
republic. Cromwell became a dictator and the Church went into exile in Europe, With the fall of the
Republic the Monarchy was restored as well as the Church. Although his methods could be called into
question, Charles was faithful to the Faith and his resistance to Puritanism was remembered and when
the Church returned she restored Catholic Principles to religion in England. He was unjustly murdered by
the State and justly deserves the title martyr.
This week gives a series of witnesses to faithfulness and courage that we should aspire to in the
Christian life. It reminds us all that no matter who we are God can take over our lives and use us as do
his work if we but submit ourselves to his will.
It is important to remember that this Sunday is the last Sunday in Epiphany Season and the Gospel
reminds us that faith can work God’s will. The Centurion’s servant is healed because of his humility and
faith. God is not selective in his grace and love, he is the Creator and Savior of the world and we benefit
from his love if we but accept it.

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