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Father David Mercer, Priest in Charge
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Service of Holy Eucharist each Sunday at St Clements Church
11 AM
Face masks are required inside the church now.
No singing during the orange phase of Covid restrictions

(Cancelled) Monday, November 30, 2020 St Andrew The Apostle 7 PM

Sunday Services: Holy Eucharist 11 AM


Being the Fourth Sunday Before Christmas Day

The Collect for this first Sunday in Advent sets the tone for the Advent Season. It appeals to God
to give us grace to turn our backs on the works of darkness. It is obvious that we want to turn ourselves
towards the light, to turn away from the darkness. This Collect touches something more important
because it asks that God give us the strength not to do the acts that are the acts of darkness or evil. It is
impossible to say at one and the same time that we love God and goodness and then do evil things. In the
movie “The Godfather” Michael stands as Godfather to his sister’s child. As we witness the Baptism of the
child we hear Michael make the promises saying that in the name of this child he will renounce evil and
believe and trust in God. As he makes the promises we see his men murdering those who oppose him. It
is a great example of living a double standard - a standard that in the end destroys Michael because he no
longer knows what the truth truly is. We are to have nothing more to do with those standards that lead
us into darkness, to purposely reject them, to cast or throw them away from us, to put distance between
them and us. The question for us is “How are we going to be able to do this?” Of and by ourselves we
cannot do this, but by the grace of God this can be done. The Collect tells us to allow God’s grace to work
in us by opening ourselves up to it by allowing God to put on us the “armour of light” Saint Paul speaks of
God’s armour in his Epistle to the Ephesians 6 vs. 13-17. The elements of the spiritual armour that he
describes is more than sufficient to give us the strength to stand against the evil one. It is also to remember
that this is an armour of light, not light in weight, but the light that destroys the darkness. In putting on
this light we become instruments of God’s grace and power, an instrument that was first forged in the
furnace of your Baptism. This is not to be done in the next life but in this present life because it is in this
present age when we are called upon to shine with the light of the love of God.
Our salvation depends upon the Incarnation of the Christ in that without his coming there would
be no hope for us. When we are converted from darkness to the light, we can face the judgement to come
without fear. It is because of our Baptism that we can benefit from his sacrifice. It is by our rebirth in Christ
that we are able to benefit from his grace and this enables us to turn our backs on darkness, for that is
what we do every day when we reject evil. It is God acting through the Sacrament of Baptism that makes
us citizens of his Kingdom, this is an act of God, but the proceed of Conversion is an act of will on our part.
After having said the Creed with the rest of the congregation the adult candidate for Baptism, before he
/she is baptized is asked “Do you profess this faith?” to which they respond “I do”; Do you desire to be
baptized into this faith?” to which they reply “I do” and finally “Will you endeavour to keep God’s holy will
and commandments, and walk in the same all the days of your life?” the candidate replies “I will, God
being my helper.” It is clear that the person baptized is not expected to do all that they have promised on
their own, but only by turning to God for help. It is a matter of bending ones will to the will of God. Then
by God’s grace we way rise to the live immortal. The most important thing to remember in the Christian
life is to love as Christ loves you and we accomplish this by striving to be Christ in the world.



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