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Easter is the transforming event in the Christian Year. This is even more dramatic because it follows
Lent. The rigor that Lent offers us gives us an opportunity to see more clearly what is important in our
daily lives. We are called upon to strip away the things that close us off from God, the Christian Church
and each other. With Easter all of that seems to fade, there seems to be an over access of celebration
when Easter Day arrives, and that explosion of joy vibrates through the Easter Season and as we will
discover into the rest of the Christian Year. The cry of “Christ is risen!” crowds out all else and the
Propers for the Easter Season remind us that Christ’s Victory changes everything. The Church is
determined to call her people to remember this great truth and to remind her people and the world that
this great event is at the centre of the Christian message. The Faithful who have forgotten that every
Sunday is a little Easter need to remember their promises in Confirmation. The is no place for “armchair”
Christianity, we are called to be active, to live out in our lives the life of Christ.
Saint James makes it clear in his Epistle that God cannot be tempted and that he temps no one. Yet in
the Lord’s Prayer we ask that God will “lead us not into temptation”. When our Lord gave us this prayer
what does he mean? The sense of the phrase is not lead us but, fail us not in the test. In other words,
God is always with us and we ask that he will give us strength in the test that temptation places before
us. Cardinal John Henry Newman in a mediation that he wrote tells us that we are placed in this life to
do some work that no one else can do. It is our task to find out what this work of is and then do it. If we
do not seek the task in this life, we will most certainly be told what it is in the next. It is certain that it
has in some way to do with the love of God. It is for this reason that Saint James urges us to set aside all
the evil things that attempt to lead us away from God and his love and turn to the work of God which
will save us.
The Gospel of this day calls us back to the events in the Upper Room where our Lord tells the Disciples
that he will be betrayed, and they will be scattered. They are not to fear because he must leave them. If
he does not leave them the Comforter will not come. He must come and when he does come, he will
lead them into all truth. The Comforter, the Holy Spirit is he who give us strength. All that has happened
up unto this point in our Lord’s life has been an expression of the will of God and all that follows is his
will as well. In our daily lives we walk in the light of Christ’s love that is his will as well. The disciples
came to know that these events transformed their lives as they have transformed us. We need to
remember that every day is an opportunity to do the will of God, but this will not happen in our lives
until we bend our will to the will of God. This act of bending is in fact an act of surrender, a surrender of
our will to God the Father’s will. The events in the Garden on the night the Gospel speaks of,
demonstrates to us how difficult this act is. Our Lord comes to the garden and askes the Father if there
is not another way in which he can accomplish the victory over sin and death. The Father does not
answer his Son, there is nothing but silence, the Son is alone, he must himself make the choice. Saint
Luke tells us that after the third temptation in the wilderness, Satin leaves Christ, but Luke adds that
Satin waits for an opportune time. An opportune time for what? To continue the temptation and when
does this take place? In the Garden when the Father has remained silent. Here our Lord is alone until he
realized that his will and the Father’s will are the same. The temptation to leave and not face the Cross is
rejected, and Christ goes to the Cross in faith and trusting in the Father’s will. Our struggle with
temptation is not unlike our Lord’s in that we must come face to face with the consequences of our
failure if we do not trust in God. We cannot blame anyone for our failures, not even God. Remember
Saint Paul tells us that in any temptation God will always provide us with a way out, in every case the
way out has to do with his love. The message of Easter is that God forgives because of the sacrifice of his
Son. The joy of Jesus’ victory is expressed in the forgiveness of God the Father.
Of all the things that Easter tells us the most important is that, because of the Father’s love for the Son,
we are forgiven. We are of consequence after all, it is because of our value in the eyes of God that our
Lord goes the Cross in an act of love. The Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. He does this not
because he is a hireling, but because the sheep are his own and he values each of them. With Easter Day
the circle is complete. The Fall in the Garden in the beginning and the damage that it has done is undone
by the death and resurrection of God’s Son on Easter Day in the morning.

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